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Video bingo is a game with the momentum of the slot - the slot machine - and climate of the bingo game. To play simply calibrate the wager (cash or credit) and press the "play". Before the shooting is possible to reduce the number of cards in play or change the numbers of cards. The video bingo is a game that offers many variations of awards, number of bets per round, number of extra balls, bonus during the game, so there is homogeneous rule for playing video bingo. It is important to know the concept and refer to the table of standards winners.

Learn the basics of the video bingo machines:

Selection of cards: Before each game, the player has four cards at your disposal that can be exchanged with button "CHANGE". They can also be "omitted" one by one, through the button "CLOSE", and we can thus play with 1, 2, 3 or 4 cards simultaneously. The closing of cards not only decreases the probability of success but also the risk of the player, because each pack "ACTIVE", corresponds to a certain number of credits to be consumed in the firing.

Standards award: This concept is a key point to understand a machine videobingo. Since the provision of numbers in each game is different from one another is possible to set a premium on a card and nothing other. What sets the gain are the standards achieved in each pack. Therefore, if a spin was a prize draw that is why the round generated a default in the fulfillment of the cards. The standards follow a logical difficulty x and awards can range from 4 to 1500 times the round stage. Each machine has a set of spins up to 8 levels. So set a standard in the bet is a bet than the fourth and so on.

Shutter speed: In traditional machines is a button that controls the behavior of the velocity of the detonation of each move. In addition to increase or decrease the speed can be left in "Turbo", which practically fills the cards on the fly.